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A United, Collaborative, Clean, and Sustainable Planet that increases the quality of life for all its inhabitants.


Employ, Educate, and Empower community leaders around the world by providing them tools and resources to create self-sustainable measures to help grow healthy and prosperous beautiful communities.


about us

CleanPlanet is a non-profit organization committed to empowering community leaders around the world. We are committed to raising Global Awareness through one of our campaigns called "CleanPlanetDay" held monthly on the last Saturday of every Month.  

CleanPlanet's purpose is to continue to raise awareness on the importance of being mindful of how we treat our planet. Promoting initiatives to beautify and enhance our planet earth, our only home. We are driven by a single goal; to do our part in uniting the world to create a clean and healthy planet for all


We create growth and develop opportunities while encouraging volunteers to come together with a common goal in mind.


We believe that it’s time for a conscious shift in how we relate to our planet. As we continue to help raise awareness that this is everyone’s planet to care for and be proud of, we also seek to empower communities to stand and speak for what they need.    

We emphasize the importance of building productive and empowering relationships as we make a positive impact on all of our pursuits. With participants in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, The United States, Nigeria, Haiti, Morocco, Germany, India, and Ghana we are building momentum aiming to reach participants in 24 Countries by the end of 2022. 

photo cleanplanet.jpeg


Photo from CleanPlanet(8).jpg

Building momentum from one CleanPlanetDay to the next. These events are held on the last Saturday of every month and used for awareness on the importance of coming together to Clean our Planet. Community leaders around the world are leading by example inspiring their communities to get involved.

There are (4) different ways to participate on "CleanPlanetDay"


  1. Pick up one bag of trash, post a picture on social media, Hashtag #cleanplanet #cleanplanetday

  2. Participate in #TrashChallenge, Take before and after pictures of the contaminated area. Post picture on social media, Hashtag #cleanplanet #cleanplanetday #TrashChallenge

  3. Volunteer to be a community leader for your community and get support in creating your community project

  4. Donate/Provide Resources and wear your CleanPlanet Hat

This is one of CleanPlanet's campaigns to unite community leaders and on a global scale get as much content as possible, including interviews, footage, and exposure of communities around the world uniting for a clean and safe planet where we coexist with all inhabitants.

Education projects

Workshops are focused on:

          A CleanPlanet

          Community Entrepreneurship 
          Leadership Development

          Farming + Harvesting

          Connecting with Nature



Our Story

Photo from CleanPlanet(2).jpg

CleanPlanet was inspired by a project that was started back in 2015 named "Ignite Da Streetz" in San Diego, CA. In May 2018, Sebastian Hernandez, Founder of CleanPlanet arrived to Santa Marta, Colombia and saw the opportunity to reignite that vision and propel it forward. That Vision was to provide income opportunities for the homeless and lower income families to get back on their feet by cleaning and making their communities look beautiful, attracting more tourism and a better economy. We provide them the tools to raise their quality of life while raising awareness on the importance of taking care of our planet.

Our first "CleanPlanetDay" Campaign started with two close friends. On June 27, 2018, Sebastian Hernandez and Juan Sebastian Vargas went to a beach in Taganga, Colombia and picked up CleanPlanet's first 2 bags of trash. CleanPlanet became a reality and a month later, CleanPlanet paid their first 2 volunteers and 4 other beautiful souls saw what we were doing and jumped in to help. With a total of 7 people, we picked up 20 bags of trash from a nature trail and felt accomplished for something big was about to happen.

This event was a huge breakthrough. We showed what was possible when you take initiative and do what your heart pulls you to do. We created a small video, shared it locally with the community, and key players were inspired.

CleanPlanet launched its third 'CleanPlanetDay' with a total of 20 volunteers and 75 bags of trash picked up weighing a total of over 250 kg. Needless to say, results were speaking volumes of the vision manifesting. On August 16, 2019, we submitted the paperwork to establish ourselves as a non-profit foundation dedicated to cleaning the planet while raising the quality of life of those that participate.

Shortly after, on August 19, 2018, CleanPlanet launched their fourth event with almost 40+ volunteers in two different locations being cleaned at the same time. We collected 85 bags weighing in at over 400 kg from nature.

photo cleanplanet.jpeg

Volunteers consisted of entrepreneurs, students, Colombian Military, Red Cross members, and community activist ready for a change.  

We have come a long way having had a CleanPlanetDay every month since then, expanding with Participants in 10 Countries including Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Morocco, and India. We have inspired local governments to assist us in logistics and support while continuing to expand our impact by adding new members to the team committed to making a Global Impact.  At the rate that we are going, the foundation will continue to expand internationally with our focus set on 24 countries by the end of 2022


As the excitement continues to expand globally, communities around the world are coming together to bring awareness of taking care of our planet however we need assistance in taking CleanPlanet to the next level. 

How JUST $20 Can make a GLOBAL IMPACT

Direct Contribution

  • Donor Gets CleanPlanet Movement Hat*

  • Area is cleaned and trash disposed of

  • Building Community Gardens

Indirect Contribution

  • Provide Income opportunity for families in need*

  • Provide Professional and Personal Development Training*

  • Provide Opportunity to start their own business (Entrepreneurship Training)*

  • Cleaning nature provides a beautiful city tourist would pay to visit raising the overall economy

  • Empower low-income communities around the World

+ 10 bags of trash are being picked weighing between 5-15 lb

       - With this initiative,  our goal is to promote cleaning our planet by picking up trash from nature and disposing of it properly. Your donation of $20 equates to  10 bags of trash.

santa marta cleanup.jpeg

(Santa Marta, Colombia)

Miami Garden .jpeg

+ Building + Supporting Community Gardens

      - Going back to our Roots and learning how to work with the land is vital for our survival as a human species in search of more natural and organic ways of getting our food source. We are building community gardens that provide food and education for the community.

(Miami, Fl, United States)

+ Raising the quality of life for those contributing 

       - With $20 dollars, people in countries like Venezuela, Haiti, and Peru can dramatically increase their quality of life having enough income to provide for their families and use the extra to invest in more income-generating activities. People don't need a handout, people want an opportunity to make a change and provide for their families.

Haiti Cleanplanet.jpeg

(Port-Au Prince, Haiti)

San Diego CleanPlanet.jpeg

(San Diego, CA, United States)

+ Raising Consciousness

     - With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Many of the people that begin to work with the foundation have not been exposed to self-development work. By creating an environment that promotes self-awareness and growth mindset, the volunteers expand on their relationship to their self.  Building up confidence, self-esteem, and overall their view of the world begins to alter into one of hope and collaboration. Your donation is contributing to the professional and personal development of people that may have never been exposed to this type of work in the world.


Join The Cause


Be a contributing factor to accelerating the momentum of communities around the world coming together and uniting for a CleanPlanet.
Imagine when our whole world works together to employ the world to clean, preserve, and protect our planet. 

Here's your Opportunity, how many lives would you like to impact?

We invite you to Participate in taking our Non-profit to the next level of impact and


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