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Join the Movement, with our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with the cleanliness challenge. Understanding that this is a global issue and not specific to any race, religion, or nation; unites all inhabitants of this planet on one common vision. 


We are committed to showing the world what is possible when we can share a common vision for a clean planet.  May the World Unite to ensure that future generations can enjoy what many of us have taken for granted. 

We've created this hat as a symbol to wear on #CleanPlanetDay as a representation that you support a clean planet and willing to put differences aside for a better future. A world composed of inhabitants collaborating to create a Clean Planet.


With your Donation you are ensuring communities around the world have the funds to support and sustain clean communities around the world. We only have one planet to take care of, lets do it together. 

CleanPlanetDay Hat

SKU: cldh001
  • Join us the last Saturday of every month for our global CleanPlanet Day.


    Be the Community Leader your community needs 



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